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How To Increase Blood Flow To The Penis

how to increase blood flow to the penis

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Having trouble keeping your erections up?

Are your erections weak, soft, and short lasting?

Before you go and order a package of those famous little blue pills, I suggest you try and learn how to increase blood flow to the penis naturally.


Well, for one thing, all that Viagra, Cialis and other pills do is increase blood flow to the penis, they only do it in an unnatural, potentially unsafe way.

And, secondly, if you improve your penile blood flow you’ll have better, stronger, more lasting erections.

Sounds good? It does? Great, let’s continue then.

To increase your penile blood flow, you’ll need to boost your nitric oxide levels. Nitric oxide is a molecule that enhances blood circulation in your entire body and makes it easier to get more blood to your penis (and other body parts).

Here are a couple of ways you can increase your nitric oxide levels:

Try Some Exercise

man exercising

Besides being good for you overall, exercise is also great in boosting your nitric oxide levels.

Pretty much every type of exercise will increase your NO levels, from walking to lifting weights in the gym and everything in between.

I’m a big fan of strength training. Not only are you getting bigger, stronger and boosting your nitric oxide, you are also increasing your testosterone levels, which is one of the most important hormones in the male body.

Eat the Right Foods

The wrong foods clout your arteries and make it impossible for you to get enough blood to your penis to maintain a solid erection.

The right foods boost your NO levels and dilate your blood vessels, meaning more blood can be pumped into your penis. That results in rock-hard erections that last seemingly forever.

So, what are the best nitric oxide foods?

Here’s a short list:


Seems like Popeye was right.

Not only is spinach one of the top nitric oxide foods, it is also one of the best foods when it comes to boosting testosterone levels – so it packs a double punch.

Now, the only problem is that some people don’t like the taste and the thought of eating a pound of spinach a day makes them nauseous.

Here’s a quick way to deal with that: Don’t eat spinach. Drink it.

Or, in simple terms, buy a juicer and juice spinach with some other delicious vegetables. It’s a much easier (and tastier) solution.

Dark Chocolate

dark chocolate

Here’s something so you don’t think that every nitric oxide food has to taste awful.

But be careful when buying dark chocolate. You’ll want to get the high-quality cacao – not the cheap, processed crap they mostly sell in supermarkets.

And don’t overeat the chocolate, too. The point isn’t to stuff yourself full; it’s to eat just enough (as a dessert) to boost your nitric oxide levels.


This is yet another superfood that boosts nitric oxide AND testosterone levels at the same time.

But be careful. Walnuts are extremely high in calories (100 grams of walnuts carries ~600 kcal) so eat them sparingly and in small quantities.

If you want to find the full list of best Nitric Oxide foods, check out this list by Anabolic Men. It covers 20 best nitric oxide foods and the explanation behind each one.

Take (Legit) Supplements

In a perfect world, everybody would eat the best foods all the time, exercise every day and sleep 8 hours a day every night. There would be no need for supplements.

But, alas, we don’t life in a perfect world. Sometimes we slip, and we mess up our diet. Other times we’re just lazy and don’t go to the gym for weeks at the time.

That’s where supplements come in. Unlike Viagra and other ED pills, supplements are a natural way to…well, supplement your dietary and exercise regiment.

Some of the best nitric oxide boosting supplements are Ginseng, Cnidium, and horny Goat Weed.

If you want even more power in your loins, check out my other article about more supplements that will not only increase blood flow to your penis but also help you last longer in bed.

Bonus Tip: An Instant Erection Boosting Drink

beet juice

I saved the best for last.

There is one drink that, when you take it, will almost instantly boost your erections.

Not only that, but this drink is cheap, easy to make, and 100% natural.

Sounds too good to be true, right?

Well, it’s not. This drink exists and its beet juice.

Beets are one of the highest nitric oxide boosting vegetables. But, eating two or more beets a day is a challenge even for those who like the taste.

So, the next best thing for you to do is simply buy the beets, juice them, and drink it up.

Drink that juice every day and in less than a week you’ll notice the erection boosting effect they have.

Oh, and one last thing. Drinking this much beet juice might turn your pee red (or pinkish). Don’t panic – you’re not bleeding, it’s normal. It differs from a person to person, but it’s nothing to worry about. (Of course, I’m not a doctor, so if you’re still worried check with your doctor. This advice is for entertainment purposes only etc.)

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