How To Ejaculate Further Than Ever Before

how to ejaculate further

Are you a shooter or a dripper?

You know what I’m talking about. Sometimes you orgasm and it looks like your cum is made of lead–it just falls straight down. You try to pull out and blast it all over your wife, but instead, it drops onto her stomach.

Don’t worry, I’ve had my share of dribblers, where the cum just oozes out. Over time, I’ve learned to recognize what creates a good cum-shot.

I may be able to shoot massive loads, but for every big load I’ve dropped, there’s also a finale that’s been (frankly) underwhelming.

Throughout my porn career, I slowly noticed that the force of my cum was dependent on certain factors. Today I’ll break down my observations, so you can learn how to shoot cum further just like a porn star.

How to Cum Farther

The first factor that determines how far your cum goes is volume. By volume, I mean how much cum you shoot.

It’s simple science. Imagine you have a balloon. If you fill it up with a gallon of water, then squeeze it, water will explode everywhere. If you only fill it up with a cup-full, the water will fall out of the balloon with zero force. We don’t want that.

Instead, we want a massive volume of cum to shoot out of your penis. When there’s more volume, just like the balloon, your dick has to use more force to push the cum out of your penis.

When there’s more semen in your testicles, your penis creates more back-pressure to push it out. It’s like putting more air in a tire, to build up pressure. More volume = more pressure = farther cum-shot.

Thankfully, it’s pretty easy to increase volume: don’t jack off.

It might be difficult, but it’s an easy way to build up a ton of volume. Plus, it’ll make you hornier, so your orgasm will feel that much better.

Get your Zzzz’s

man sleep

Overall health is directly tied to how far you shoot your cum. If you’re stressed, exhausted, and under the weather, you won’t shoot much. However, if you’re healthy, your cock will be a cum cannon, blasting everywhere.

Specifically, you have to get your Z’s: zzzz’s as in sleep and zinc.

Sleep is important for pretty much everything health related. It decreases stress, rebuilds muscle, and improves blood flow throughout the body.

See, sleeplessness impacts every facet of your life. When you’re chronically tired, your body only performs what’s necessary for survival. Unfortunately, shooting a multi-rope cum shot is not deemed “necessary.”

When you’re having sex while tired, your body will be focused on one thing: not sex, but sleep. No matter how much coffee you drink, you can’t fool your body into being healthy.

Speaking of which, even if you sleep well, health is still important for shooting cum further. The healthier your body is, the more blood you pump through your arteries, the stronger you shoot your load. It’s simple.

Go to the gym, get some sleep, and eat your vegetables.

To take health to the next level, take zinc supplements. Zinc is so important, I think it should be taken by every man in the world.

Zinc has been shown to increase testosterone, sperm count…AND semen volume. This makes it the ultimate nutrient for men who are having lots of sex (like you) and want to shoot their load further.

I don’t usually recommend supplements, but zinc is a definite exception. It’s that good.

You could get zinc naturally by eating a lot of vegetables, but it’s pretty hard to get supplement-level dosing from eating vegetables. My suggestion: do both. Take the zinc supplement, and eat foods rich in zinc.

These foods are oysters, spinach, and beef. Learn more about aphrodisiac foods here.

Work Your Muscles

buffed human bulldog

No, we already talked about going to the gym, but now I’m talking about your other muscles…

Shooting your cum far depends on the strength of your kegel muscles. For those who don’t know, these are the muscles surrounding the base of your penis that control the flow in and out of the urethra. One of their jobs is to stop the flow of pee/semen in/out, but their other job is to squeeze and force semen out.

When you cum and your cock starts throbbing, that’s the kegel muscles working.

You can practice Kegels to last longer, stop your orgasm, dry orgasm, or just improve blood flow. They’re a great all-around exercise I recommend for every guy.

To practice Kegels, (specifically for shooting sperm farther) practice squeezing your kegel for as long as possible. Don’t try to do reps, just try to do one rep that’s very challenging.

If you don’t know how to kegel, all you have to do is this. Go to the bathroom and pee. Then, use the muscles in your cock to stop peeing. That’s the kegel muscle. The same muscle that stops pee also makes you cum farther.

Practice this every other day, and you’ll be blasting bigger loads in no time.

To use this in real time, squeeze your kegel as hard as you can when you’re about to come. Next time you watch porn, take note of how the actors work their penises during orgasm. Most of the time, you can see their penises moving up and down.

That’s a strong kegel muscle at work. Build that kind of strength, and you’ll be shooting ropes in no time.

How To Satisfy Her

smiling woman holding cup

Now that you know how to shoot your cum across the room, you might be asking how to use your ejaculation to please your wife or girlfriend.

I’ve got good news and bad news…the bad news is that your ejaculation will NOT satisfy your woman. No matter how big, how far, or how strong your cum-shot is, it’s only a small piece of the sexual experience.

Sex (especially to women) is so much more. It’s an out-of-body experience that brings two people together and makes them one.

There are endless topics about women’s pleasure and many personal preferences to each woman and how she desires to be satisfied.

BUT, if there is one thing that will satisfy ANY WOMAN out there, it would be giving her orgasm every time you have sex!

Luckily for you, I wrote all about it in my book on How To Last Longer In Bed.

Putting together all my secrets and methods that I received and collected for the past 15 years of career in the porn industry, will definitely give you the ability to make EVERY girl reaching orgasm (Some methods don’t require having a boner 😉 )