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Big Mike - Secrets To Lasting Longer

Introducing: Ex-porn star, and best selling author – Secrets To Lasting Longer In Bed – By Big Mike

If you are a man who is suffering from premature ejaculation, you’ll want to read every word on this page. 

Here’s why:

– In just a few moments, I’ll reveal to you how to last over 30 minutes in bed and how you can do it in 30 days.

– And I’ll show you how to do it completely NATURALLY – without using any dangerous pills, creams, or devices.

– Sounds impossible, right?

– Not at all.

It’s absolutely doable – and I’ll give you a step-by-step blueprint on how to achieve that.

The Fundamentals Of Lasting Longer In Bed

Pornstar’s Mindset & Attitude

Obviously, mindset is an important key to last longer in bed, yet most men fail when it comes to having the right one. I wouldn’t be surprised if you are one of those men. I will teach you how does a Porn-star approach sex and what is the proper mindset in order to last longer and DOMINATE your own thoughts and your woman in bed.

Diet & Lifestyle Hacks

Diet has a huge part in your step of becoming a sex god and curing your premature ejaculation. However, not many people have time and knowledge to learn about it. That’s where I’m going to share with you EXACTLY what to eat in order to give you HARDER and LONGER erections, Along with tiny life hacks changes that will play a huge part in your transformation

Single Hand Training

Did you know over 80% of men out there use masturbation in a way they DAMAGE themselves? I’m not surprised if you didn’t know that… That’s why I came up with a single hand training you can do in ANY given time. This will help you become one with your penis, and decide when YOU want to finish

Adult’s Industry Tips & Techniques

It’s not a secret that some techniques can help you last longer in bed, However, some techniques will MURDER your lasting time in bed. In this chapter, you will learn all the methods I use in bed in order to make ANY women beg for more. This is the part where you will be transformed from an average guy to a GOD-LEVEL sex machine. Most of the sex tips you will get are from my experience and from well-known female porn stars that helped me combining the ultimate sex tip list.

Unique Single Exercise

We all hate the part where we know we need to hit the gym in order to achieve better physical results. Luckily I’ve discovered One Single Exercise that you can do EVERYWHERE at any given time that will step up your game. This exercise is designated to work on the most important muscle to last longer. Over a decay of practising it, I’ve discovered the most efficient routine with that single exercise to help you last an extra 10-15 minutes in bed.

Secrets To Lasting Longer From The Adult Entertainment Industry

Now, before I continue, let me introduce myself. My name is Mike, and I have a small confession to make.

While nowadays I’m a happily married man with two kids and a beautiful wife, working as a business consultant, I wasn’t always this stand up guy.

You see, in my twenties, I was a porn star. It’s not something I’m hugely proud of, but I was strapped for cash and it paid the bills.

And the adult entertainment industry is the pioneer when it comes to devising methods for lasting longer in bed. I mean, we have to be. It’s our job to have sex for 30, 40…even 60 minutes at the time. (or even more)

We can’t afford to play around with stuff that may or may not work.

We need stuff that’s effective, period. And here’s a little secret:

Nobody is born with the endurance of a porn star. We have to learn these secrets during our job. So what are these SECRETS to lasting longer?

Here are just some of them…

Unusual Porn Star Secrets That’ll Help You Last 30+ Minutes

There are some sex positions that allow you to last over ten minutes in bed easily, While on the other hand, some positions will KILL your lasting time in bed.

For example, some positions (like the missionary) put extraordinary pressure on your penile muscles, and that can cause premature ejaculation.

I suggest you start having sex in a low-impact position (like the cowgirl one) and that that will allow you to last longer.

I’ve seen guys that immediately add 5 more minutes to their staying power just by starting sex in the cowgirl position.

That might not sound that much but combined with all the tricks and secrets you will learn in my book, you would be able to combine them all together and easily last more than 30 minutes.

Another good example is going to the gym.

Many men told me “But Mike, I go to the gym a lot and I still don’t see any improvement”

Well… If you go to the gym and work on your biceps, you might be able to give a better handjob, but that won’t necessarily help you last longer…

It’s important to know how your body works in order to fix the parts that we want to fix. Same as a vehicle.

With that being said, learning how our body works could take a shit load of time. Especially if you don’t know where to focus, Not to mention there is also the question of learning what kind of exercises will work on those specific muscles so they can have better strength.

However, the moment you know where to focus and how to work around it properly, that’s where the magic truly happens.

Worry no more, I will save you a lot of time and share with you the EXACT workout routine and what muscles to pay attention to in order to last as much as ANY pornstar out there.

There are other things to pay attention to in order to last longer in bed. I’m talking about Tempo, Grinding, Specific muscle relaxation, and a bunch of other tricks that instantly boost your stamina…

Sexy couple in bed

How It All Started

With a background such as mine, it’s no wonder I got the title of a “sex consultant” by every single person around me.

After all, if you want to get the real, no B.S. advice you go to the expert – and who’s a bigger expert at sex than a guy who’s been paid to do it thousands and thousands of times?

At first, I was glad to help and I’ve coached them via email and answered their questions.

They got amazing results, lasting from 5-6 to over 30 minutes in bed.

But then those people told their friends about me as well.

As more and more people found out about me, those few emails I got every day turned into a dozen…then two dozen…then much more than I could handle.

There was no way I could teach my material one on one to all of these guys.

But I didn’t want to just stop.

I enjoyed helping guys and I saw there was a need for no BS, practical information on how to last longer in bed NATURALLY and SAFELY.

I thought really hard about the best way to help the greatest amount of men possible.

That’s when I decided to put ALL of my secrets into one resource guys can get and learn everything they need to in order to last as long as they want to in bed.